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African Art

Make your home more appealing and stylish with African Arts

African Art has carved a special for itself art and crafts industry. Art lovers and art enthusiasts have always appreciated different forms of art that came out of this most popular continent. African art is one of the most popular home and office décor options within Africa but all over the US, Australia and Europe. Simbacraftware.com is one of the top sources on the web for sourcing various types of artwork from Africa.

African Art- Perfect choice for home decor

At our online store, you will find everything from handcrafted mirrors, stone sculptures, woodcarvings, abstract sculptures, wall paintings, wall hangings, Korhogo paintings, metal sculptures and much more. You cannot find such an exhaustive collection of African art all in one place.

We feature only the most impressive artwork from the talented artists from Africa. We have a large network of artisans from whom we source authentic African artwork. You can therefore be 100% sure of the genuineness of the artwork featured at our online store. You can confidently make your purchases knowing that you are ordering one of the masterpieces. As every single item that we feature is handcrafted, each one of them is very unique and special.

African art for sale at Simba Craftware

Simbacraftware.com offers excellent customer service. We will make sure that all your orders are shipped in a timely fashion. We will take extra care to pack the artwork for a safe delivery. We have also taken extra efforts to make our stunning range of artwork from Africa accessible to you at the most competitive prices possible. Go ahead and start reviewing our latest collection of handcrafted artwork from Africa. Our products inventory in this section is updated regularly and you will therefore always find interesting new collection at Simbacraftware.com. We have a highly secure online store from where you can very conveniently place your orders for stunning African artwork right from your home.


3 Foot Handcrafted Wood Giraffe

Price: $300.00
Abstract African Stone Face Sculpture

Abstract African Stone Face Sculpture with...

Price: $29.95

Abstract African Stone Face Sculpture with...

Price: $29.95

Abstract African Stone Face Sculpture with...

Price: $65.00

Abstract African Wood Sculpture - Little C...

Price: $110.00

Abstract African Wood Sculpture - What to Do?

Price: $110.00

Abstract Family of Three 12" African Stone...

Price: $200.00

Abstract Family of Three 8" African Stone ...

Price: $185.00

Adinkra Style Mud Cloth

Price: $100.00

Adinkra Style Mud Cloth II

Price: $100.00

Adorned Handcrafted Wood Crocodile

Price: $105.95

African Cedar Wood Wall Hanging Mirror

Price: $254.95

African Centerpiece Bowl

Price: $55.95

African Decorative Bowl

Price: $55.95

African Drummers Wall Hanging Mirror

Price: $109.95

African Giraffes taking a drink

Price: $174.95

African Handcrafted Chair

Price: $197.95

African Handcrafted Wood tambora drum

Price: $389.95
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Sale and Free Shipping
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