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Traditional African Art

Traditional African Art

Decorate your home with traditional African artwork. Add exclusive jewelry to your collection. The artifacts at Simba Craftware resemble museum collections. Diversity is not just witnessed in the culture and language of Africa, but also its artworks. The contemporary artworks are strongly influenced by artistic styles of other nations. We are proud to offer you a range of traditional African art untouched by the other forms of art. The native African handicrafts made of wood, stone and other locally available materials are perfect additions to your conventional or modern style homes. Each craftwork depicts the creative excellence and expert craftsmanship by
African artisans. 


Adorned Handcrafted Wood Crocodile

Price: $105.95

African Decorative Bowl

Price: $55.95

African Korhogo Painting

Price: $120.00

African Stone & Metal Bird Sculpture

Price: $30.00

African Wood Carving - Folk Wisdom

Price: $155.95

African Wood Fanti Mask

Price: $110.00

Aluminum and Wood African Mask

Price: $319.00

Athentic Handcrafted African Wood wall scu...

Price: $80.95

Authentic African Banana Leaf Fiber Mobile

Price: $55.00

Authentic African Banana Leaf Figurine- Ma...

Price: $55.00

Authentic African Ebony Family Tree Carving

Price: $75.00

Authentic African Ebony Lovers Carving

Price: $75.00

Authentic African Ebony Woman Kneeling In ...

Price: $55.00

Authentic African Giant Size Mud Cloth Pai...

Price: $120.00

Authentic African Mud Cloth Painting- Danc...

Price: $120.00

Authentic African Mud Cloth Painting- Lady...

Price: $120.00

Authentic African Mud Cloth Painting- Wate...

Price: $120.00

Authentic Black and White and Yellow Accen...

Price: $189.00
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