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African Gifts For The Office

African Gifts for the Office

Deck your office with gifts from the land of ancient legends and folklore. At Simba Craftware we provide a wide range of African souvenirs that are intricately carved in stone as well as wood. You can use them to complement your beautiful interiors or bring yourself good fortune. Africa is the land of ancient art and mystery. Every form of African art has some meaning attached to it and we are the world leaders in providing you with the best African gifts for the office. Check out our extensive range of handiworks, crafts and art skillfully designed by some of the best African artisans.

Abstract African Stone Face Sculpture

Abstract African Stone Face Sculpture with...

Price: $29.95

Abstract African Stone Face Sculpture with...

Price: $29.95

Abstract African Stone Face Sculpture with...

Price: $65.00

Abstract African Wood Sculpture - What to Do?

Price: $110.00

Abstract Family of Three 12" African Stone...

Price: $200.00

Abstract Family of Three 8" African Stone ...

Price: $185.00

Adorned Handcrafted Wood Crocodile

Price: $105.95

African Decorative Bowl

Price: $55.95

African Giraffes taking a drink

Price: $174.95

African Korhogo Painting

Price: $120.00

African Sese Wood Carving - Hold The World...

Price: $110.00

African sese Wood Sculpture Peace Bird Pro...

Price: $155.95

African Stone & Metal Bird Sculpture

Price: $30.00

African Wood Carving - Folk Wisdom

Price: $155.95

African Wood Fanti Mask

Price: $110.00

African Wood Sculptures - Happy Giraffes ...

Price: $75.00

Aluminum and Wood African Mask

Price: $319.00

Ant 8.5" Painted African Tin Sculpture fro...

Price: $18.00
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