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Africa is where historians and scientists believe, mankind originated.

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Explore African History Through Paintings

History of a people can easily be deciphered from the art produced by them. The same is true of African history and the art produced by the African people. Although African history can be seen in all African art forms, it is extremely predominant in African paintings.

European Influence

From relatively recent African history, we see the influence of European painters on African paintings from the period when Africa was colonized by European nations. For instance, we see the tendency towards the picturesque and the sublime in early paintings from South Africa. We see paintings that depict unique African landscape and scenery in vivid colors.

Recent African History

Africa has been undergoing a lot of struggle in the last century. Many countries got their independence from European powers and are in the quest to establish their own unique identity. You can see this aspect of African history depicted in African paintings as well. For instance, in the paintings coming from Mozambique, you can see the progress from European influence to resistance to liberation and finally to the establishment of their national cultural identity. It is fascinating to watch African history unfold in front of one’s eyes though the rich and varied hues of colors.

Bring The Wild Into Your Home With African Décor

What is one of the first things that come to your mind when you think of Africa? The wild animals, of course! How about bringing the wildness of these animals into your homes with African décor?

Animal Figurines

Art borrows a lot from nature and it is true of African art as well. It is dotted with the natural life that exists in the region. One of the most popular items of African décor is wild animal figurines. These figurines are made from wood, stone, clay, fabric, carved in metals like tin, pewter, etc. These items of African décor not only depict African wildlife but also bring forth the beauty of African art and craftsmanship.

Other Items of Decor

Wild animals can be seen in many other items of African décor apart from just figurines. You can find wild animals in furniture, ornaments, tableware, silverware, jugs and glasses, paper weights, napkin rings, etc. They depict a large number of wild animals in a rich variety of form. So, bring the wild nature that is the heart of Africa into your home with these beautifully and painstakingly handmade items of African décor.

African Art Gift Items That Will Be Cherished

If you are looking for a gift item, surely you want the recipient to cherish it and appreciate it. Have you thought of buying African art gift items to give to your loved ones? African art gift items make for some very thoughtful gifts which will be fondly remembered for a long time to come.
Gifts for Show
Many people like gifts that they can display. African art gift items are perfect for people like these. African art gift items are rich in history and culture as well as art and craftsmanship. You may want to consider gift items like animal figurines, paintings, sculptures, masks,etc.
Gifts for Use
There are also those kind of people who want to be able to use their gifts and not just display them. There are a number of African art gift items for people like these. You can get for them African glasses, silverware, tableware, candle holders, napkin rings, etc. All these African art gift items are not just utilitarian, but also works of art. They are beautiful to look at and are made by hand with exquisite care and skill. They carry with them the culture and history of Africa

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