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Bonnie’s Journey cont’d part 2

Hello everyone,

Another week has passed and the tank progresses smoothly, I think the
photos will tell the story! The local builder we hired to do the work is
performing very well. He’s a very sweet man; the crew works hard and
operates efficiently, I couldn’t be happier with the choice to hire him
instead of the bully!




Building together

Building together


Eating fruit with adorable baby Meeka, the cleaning ladies son.

Eating fruit with adorable baby Meeka


The boy who works at the shop across the street from my room is always
eagerly waving and smiling at me, sometimes the second I step out of my
door in the morning to use the bathroom; he’s there, energetically waving
to me, luckily he’s sweet and very kind. When I walked into the shop last
week he greeted me with, “You’re going to miss me here.” Of course I busted out laughing and said, “Am I? Where are you going?” He informed me that he is a psychologist, (which shocked me, I would have guessed him to be no more than 16!) and he needs to return to his homeland of Rwanda for Commemoration week.


It’s the week every year that the Rwandan Government and the genocide survivors dedicate to the memory of all their lost loved ones.

Commemoration week also serves to bring awareness to genocides that happen all over the world, even today. I’m doing my part by copying the e-mail I (at the very end of this e-mail) that I sent out in 2013 after my friend Carly and I visited the incredible Genocide Museum and some of the many churches around Kigali where hundreds of people were slaughtered by their own neighbors and families. Governments turn people against one another and brutality and violence take over out of fear. Whether they declare Jews, Tutsi’s or Muslims to be exterminated it is our responsibility as educated and compassionate beings to stop it. It is a terrible, tragedy and can only be stopped by spreading knowledge and love!



To understand others, is to be knowledgeable

To understand yourself, is to be wise

To conquer others, is to have strength

To conquer yourself, is to be strong

To know when you have enough is to be rich

To go forward with strength, is to have ambition

To not lose your place, is to last long

To die and not be forgotten, that is true long life



From The Tao TeChing; In honor and in loving memory of a dear
friend, Celo. Peace and Healing to all of his friends and family in
Minnesota and in Lyon, France.

RIP Celo, your wildly, wicked soul is free at last. You will never be





Carpe Diem!






Spring into Action! Bonnie’s Journey

Meet our friend Bonnie, she is currently in Uganda working towards a good cause.


Bonnie has been traveling the globe, experiencing new cultures, foods and making many great friends since she finished her six year commitment with the Army National Guard in 2000.  Along the way, she fell in love with Uganda and its people.  She made the decision to live and volunteer in the Southwest corner, a little town called Kisoro. She spent fourteen months teaching English and working at a children’s home.


While volunteering, she realized that more resources were needed so with the financial help of friends and family she was able to build water tanks and provide local schools with some much needed resources.  From this overwhelming support, Resilient Uganda was born – a realization that people want to continue to help and support the people of Uganda.  Bonnie plans to build more water tanks and establish self-sufficiency within families by establishing craft co-ops.  She feels incredibly blessed to be called to help wherever she can in this great big world.


Read about Bonnie’s Journey below -


Hello Friends,                                                             2 April 2016

I hope April finds everyone healthy and energetic for all your spring cleaning and yard work!

We’ve spent the week in the village very near the big mountain, where the gorillas live, (no, we didn’t see any, I wish!) We are about to start building the next water tank there, it’s going to be another BIGGIE, probably a 20,000 liter tank instead of the 10,000 liters we’ve done in the past. The one at Amazing Grace is a 30,000 liter tank and is nearly complete! We’ve identified a compound of about 45 homes to build at. The first day we were there it was around mid-day and no one was cooking lunch again, so I asked, “Why no cooking?” I should know better than to ask this loaded question. They told me they had no water and they didn’t’ even know I was “the tank lady” at that point! They told me, “they usually go into the National Park up the mountain for water, but it’s not there.” We met an elderly woman who had first trekked up the mountain and found no water, so then she went down to a very far trading center where she filled her jerri-can and had been walking for over four hours to find the water!


IMG_6232 (640x480)

Kids, The old woman who just walked 4 hours for her jerri-can of water, scouting in the village for water tank location.



IMG_6006 (640x480)

Lunch in the village with Wilson’s family…have I mentioned Wilson is working again?! At 70.something years old, he’s healthy enough to be painting again!




IMG_5998 (640x480)

The tank, nearly complete



I’m excited to announce that the bags are finally for sale on our website, as well as the biography’s and photos of the four ladies who have been sewing with us since the beginning! Please check it out and shop if you wish @


Wishing each and everyone of you Peace and Happiness,



“Our job is to love others without stopping to inquire whether or not they are worthy.”     –Thomas Merton


Resilient Uganda

P.O. Box 7

Kisoro Uganda AFRICA

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