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Know About Different Types of Djembe Drums12th

Authentic African Elephant base Djembe Drum

African drum music is one of the most popular, alive, and emotional forms of percussion music not only in present but in the past as well. You can easily see the influence of this percussion instrument not only in traditional African music but in today’s mainstream music genres throughout the world. Most of the musicians prefer to use African drums for adding depth, bass, and crisp highs in music. While talking about the African Drums, you cannot ignore Djembe drums. Djembe drums are one of the most popular African drums that have been used for more than just for entertainment. Known for their versatility, deep bass, tone and crisp highs, Djembe drums are loved and liked by the music lovers throughout the world for their lively, soothing, and aspiring tones. If you are also a great music lover and planning to buy professional Djembe drums then you must have a good understanding of all the available Djembe drums for sale in order to buy the best drum for yourself.


Authentic African D'jembe Drum


Types of Djembe Drums

Djembe drums basically originated in West Africa but these are made in other countries as well. This is probably why there are lots of variations available in Djembe drums for sale. You must have a good understanding of all types of Djembe drums in order to find the best one for your specific use.


  • Ghana Djembe Drums

Unique Handcrafted African Conga Drum


Ghana Djembe drums as like traditional Djembe drums are completely made using the natural materials. However, the wood used for making the Ghana Djembe drums are cheaper and usually less heavy to carry than their traditional counterparts. This type of Djembe drum is basically used for the decorative purposes. Moreover, Djembe drums from the land of Ghana also sound quite different when compared with their traditional counterparts. However, the beginners and hobby drummers might be unable to notice a big difference in their sound quality.


  • Key-Tuned Djembe Drums

Key-tuned Djembe drums are typically made of rubber wood and goat skin. These are very easy to carry from one place to another and this is probably why many of the music lovers prefer to buy this type of Djembe drum. The owners of the key-tuned Djembe drums love their roaring bass and modern look. These drums are tuned by tightening the bolts placed around the head of the Djembe drums. This is why it is also known as bolt tuned Djembe drums.


  • Rope Tuned Djembe Drums


Authentic African Optional D'Jembe Drums


Rope tuned Djembe drums looks just like the traditional Djembe drums and are tuned by tightening the ropes placed around the head of the drum. Depending on the size of the Djembe drums, there are two or three metal rings fitted around the head of the Djembe.


  • Asian Djembe Drums

Most of the Djembe drums that are available these days in the market are made in Indonesia and other Asian countries. They are just the copies of the Ghanaian Djembe drums. However, made and manufactured using different materials.

So now when you have learned so much about these African drums, how about getting your hands perfect on one of them? If you want to make your career as a drummer then you must join professional drum lessons in Minneapolis to know about different types of Djembe drums and learn the techniques of playing Djembe in the best possible way.

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