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Different Types of African Christmas Cards to Send This Year

Who does not like to get wishes on one of the best months of the Year? The festival of happiness, joy, and love i.e Christmas is coming and definitely, you will be surely looking for a unique and pleasurable way to show your love and affection to your loved ones. If you are looking for a way to wish your loved and dear ones on Christmas, especially when you are not there with them, what will be other better option than buying African Christmas cards?


African Christmas Cards


Sending and buying an African Christmas card is not a daunting task anymore. There are thousands of suppliers available online that offer so many alternatives to select a kind of card that you will definitely love to send to your loved ones. A good Christmas card lets the people know about your love, care, affection, and wishes. Moreover, it helps them to remember the gifts for years to come. As Christmas is the time when people think about their loved and dear ones, sending unique and beautiful Christmas card will be really an effective way to get in touch with your family, friends, colleagues, as well as your business associates.

Before selecting African cards for Christmas, it is imperative to understand what kind of card you are actually looking for to gift anyone.


Personalized African Christmas Cards:

Personalized Christmas cards are one of the best options if you are looking for unique cards for your loved ones. You can gift personalized African Christmas cards to anyone but it will surely take time to decide what to select to send it to your loved ones.


Personalized African Cards



Religious African Christmas Cards:

If you are sending an African Christmas card to any religious person then what will be other better options than sending Christmas cards which reflect their religious beliefs. This is now possible with several Christmas cards available these days. There are lots of options available in religious Christmas cards. You can choose a card featuring Christmas trees, animals, best wishes quotes, black Santa cards, fairy cards, and cards featuring the images when Jesus Christ was born in the stable. You can also find a collection of cards which display the messages and images of Christianity.


Religious African Cards



Business Christmas Cards:

If you are planning to send Christmas cards to business associates then you will definitely want to choose the best one. You should choose African Christmas card which not only represents your business but also show your appreciation for the partnership you had with businesses you are going to send the cards.


Business Christmas Cards


Whatever type of African Christmas cards you are going to buy for sending this Christmas, you must find a reliable supplier that offer a comprehensive range of African Christmas cards at reasonable prices. There are online facilities which will not only help you in finding the best online supplier but also provide you varieties of tips and tricks to ensure that you are going to buy the best card for your family and loved ones.

Top 5 African Souvenirs To Buy

Africa has gained wide recognition due to its distinct forms of arts, musical instruments and crafts. Truly inspired by the untouched form of nature, African Art is widely demanded in the East as well as West for some of its uniquely designed items. In this blog, we are listing some of Africa’s most beloved items.


African Sculptures: Sculptures have been cherished among the civilizations since the early days of humanity. African sculptures are known for their irregular shapes and styles that offer a deeper insight of African cultures, wild animals as well as the tribal communities. These sculptures are made from different kinds of materials such as stones, wood, beads and other items.



Made In Ghana

Made In Ghana



African Bags: Accessorizing is the key to a stylish outfit. Just the right amount of color and size would transform any outfit from boring to va—boom!! African bags are made from different material such as sisal fiber, real leather, cloth and other material and can be custom made. These bags are a must have if you are looking for something different, bright and distinctly fashionable. So, the next time you are up for a replacement for your regular leather and cloth bags, try out African bags to carry your belongings in style.



Made in Kenya

Made in Ghana


African Clothing: African clothing makes the perfect choice to experiment with your basic wardrobe, Besides, African clothing offers a royal look owning to its bright color combinations and unique designs dating back to centuries ago. Many of Hollywood A-list celebrities are photographed wearing African prints and styles. Dare to be bold in block designs and vibrant colors.



Made In Ghana

Made In Ghana



African Jewelry: Known for uniqueness, elegance, and quality, handcrafted African jewelry is considered as one of the most demanding forms of jewelry at the present day. When it comes to African Jewelry, nothing beats the uniqueness of style found in an assorted range of African pendants, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and another designer tribal jewelry. Primarily cherished for cultural significance, African jewelry has now established in the fashion market as a new trend of self-adornment. This specific form of jewelry can be found made from different specific materials that include stones, bone, shells, wood, glass or shells. What’s your pick?




Made In Kenya

Made In Kenya


African Crafts: There exist a wide variety of African crafts that ranges from animal figures to masks, daily usable items to tables, and many others. Whether you are looking for an elegant piece to decor your interior or you are just seeking for an exclusive gift to present your sibling, African crafts offer an affordable and enticing range to choose from.


Made in Kenya

Made in Kenya


So what are you waiting for? Shop for an exclusive piece of African art from an online store to make up your mind. Clothing, bag , jewelry or craft, the list goes on and on. Beware of the fake sellers over the internet when it comes to African art! Just browse to witness an assorted range of original African art and decor by African artists.



Simba Craftware featured in Lavender Magazine

Baskets often make their way into holiday décor in various ways. At Simba Craftware found in the Midtown Global Market, the pieces are authentic African items made by African artists. Tamara Richard, a Manager at Simba Craftware, says leaves made in Ghana from recycled glass are a great conversation starter for the front door. As the first impression guests have of your home, the front door is definitely a place to go bold with the décor.

Richard also recommends the vibrant colors of African baskets as a great option to be used as a centerpiece with local fruit or with any other arrangement in the home. In addition to home decor, Richard has also seen many of these baskets filled with items found throughout the Midtown Global Market to create amazing gifts.

A wicker basket from Kenya filled with fruit, for example, or a Ghana-produced basket filled with salsas. As a final gift idea, Richard recommends filling a basket with pistachio shortbread, a cookbook, honey, and a candle. She says, “After the gift is given, there is a built in décor item!”

Simba Craftware
920 E Lake St, Minneapolis

Follow this link to read more: Holiday Décor: Tips from the Professionals



African Art – Cultured and Elegant creations crafted together

If there is one art from that has stood the test of time, it is African Art. The carving techniques have been passed down over thousands of years and African craftsmen and women who are considered to have a divine talent make these pieces unforgettable.

It is not just the exquisite carvings or the aesthetic value these products bring to a room; it is also the story behind the creation of this art, the rich history of the tribes from whom the art form originated.  From the Massai tribe in Kenya to the thousands of ethnic tribes, each piece is unique and has a vast history that is perfect for a coffee table discussion.


African Decor – African Art in Modern Décor

In a modern décor, having a creation like mud cloth, enhances the beauty of the room by leaps and bounds and is undoubtedly among the most popular due to its size and exclusivity. African items such as a mud cloth is quickly growing in popularity. Made from locally found materials, these environmentally friendly products are normally hand stitched from 100% cotton. The patterns and the drawings are so unique to the place and can also beautifully adorn walls. The uniqueness of these items along with the fact that African fashion is something which has just started to catch on makes this amazing art form stand out.


Courtesy of University of St. Thomas: Interprofessional Center

Courtesy of University of St. Thomas: Interprofessional Center


African mask is another product that you can display in any room. Many African masks were used by traditional dancers to go into a trance and communicate with the spirits. It will give your  room an air of mystery and an element of surprise to your guests.


Courtesy of University of St. Thomas: Interprofessional Center

Courtesy of University of St. Thomas: Interprofessional Center


There are many sites that offer African art, handcrafted sculptures and more, in your search make sure you find an item that is unique and authentic.



Bring The Wild Into Your Home With African Décor

What is one of the first things that come to your mind when you think of Africa? The wild animals, of course! How about bringing the wildness of these animals into your homes with African décor?

Animal Figurines

Art borrows a lot from nature and it is true of African art as well. It is dotted with the natural life that exists in the region. One of the most popular items of African décor is wild animal figurines. These figurines are made from wood, stone, clay, fabric, carved in metals like tin, pewter, etc. These items of African décor not only depict African wildlife but also bring forth the beauty of African art and craftsmanship.

Other Items of Decor

Wild animals can be seen in many other items of African décor apart from just figurines. You can find wild animals in furniture, ornaments, tableware, silverware, jugs and glasses, paper weights, napkin rings, etc. They depict a large number of wild animals in a rich variety of form. So, bring the wild nature that is the heart of Africa into your home with these beautifully and painstakingly handmade items of African décor.

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