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African Bags – A Great Accessory to Flaunt a New Style Everyday

In the world of fashion, you will always find new trends emerging every day! An African bag surely comes as a lovely option to keep for yourself in the vogue of the latest fashion trends. There are plenty of wonderful options available in African bags for accessorizing your casual outfits to flaunt a new style every day. Known for intricate detailing, amazing craftsmanship, and great designs, African bags offer women a chance to show off their unique sense of style and fashion while celebrating ethnic roots. If you also want to buy an African bag, you must read this blog to know different options and styles.

Medium Multicolor Raffia Tote Bag

Embroidered Handbags: If you are looking for something more attractive and enchanting then the African embroidered handbag will surely come as a lovely option to choose from. Featuring a wide range of figures, symbols and styles, embroidered handbags are the perfect choices for women from different walks of life. Embroidered handbags also come as a great option for those who want to add some dash of colors in their causal outfits. From beads, sequins, stones, gems and seeds to ribbon, African embroidered handbags have different materials sewed together with the colorful threads to give them a more vibrant, colorful, and attractive look.

Leather Handbags: Being durable and attractive, leather handbags are considered as the best women fashion accessory for carrying personal belongings in a safe and secure manner. Their availability in different textures, colors, styles, and designs make them the prime choice for women from different walks of life.


Purple & Cream Handcrafted Bone Button Handbag


Printed Handbags: Hand printed African handbags are surely a great option to flaunt a new style every time. Most women love to buy printed African bags because of their simplicity, uniqueness, and intricate detailing. If you are looking for something unique to complement your formal outfits, African printed handbags will surely come as a great choice.

Tote bag sunflower print


Sisal Bags: Available in diverse colors, styles, patterns, and sizes, the sisal bags looks quite elegant and beautiful with any casual and formal outfit. Their wonderful craftsmanship and intricate detailing make them a perfect choice to create a unique style statement wherever you go.

Red & Green Classic Handcrafted African Sisal Handbag

These are only a few choices available in African handbags. There are wide options available when you finally choose to create a unique and stunning style statement. All you need to visit a reliable and renowned African bags supplier to have a wonderful shopping experience. Click to explore a comprehensive range of designer and quality African bags and buy one at great market prices.

Give Your Personality a Unique Style with African Fashion & Accessories

Natives of Africa have kept their tradition alive through their unique music, life style & hand-crafted artwork. Apart from these arts and crafts, there are certain other African items which are also popular nowadays. Among these items African jewelry, clothes and bags are to name a few. There are also very elegant pieces of clothing that are really praised outside Africa as a new trending fashion wear. African clothes are the most colorful clothing having a unique style and comfortable fabric. Same goes with the bags which are the finest in quality and long lasting too. African jewelry is also one of the finest hand-crafted pieces of artwork that can beautify your personality and give you a different look. Find here the types of these fashion wears and which is the best place to buy them.


African Jewelry: Women often get bored with their old and outdated jewelry and die to try something different. So authentic African jewelry is a unique and stunning choice for ladies belonging to any age group. African jewelry is designed by traditional methods using local raw materials. African jewelry includes handcrafted earrings, bracelet, and ceramic bead African necklace etc. Featuring combination of style and tradition, African jewelry helps a woman to accentuate her look in the most elegant style.



Glass Beads

Glass Beads




Beaded Bracelet

Beaded Bracelet


African Bags: Do you want an elegant handbag that fits your needs? African bags are the new trend in the market that can satisfy your quest. These bags are the great combination of style and elegance. Made from the stiff fibers of sisal plant and other allied materials, these premium quality styled bags are quite long lasting.


African Bag



African Clothes: Africa is known for its rich tradition, culture and its beautiful clothing. Traditional Clothing of Africa is very colorful that boasts of intricate detail and workmanship. People have grown keen interest in wearing African clothes because of their extraordinary style, decency, and uniqueness. African Clothing line is made from pure cotton to offer a sense of comfort and coolness. So if you want to give your wardrobe something new and trendy, you should definitely try African clothing. Be it for women, men or kids, there is always a wide variety of clothes available to choose from. When it comes to African Clothes choosing the right textile is the key.


Ankara Fabric

Ankara Fabric




Buying African clothing and accessories online is not a new thing now. Simba Craftware is one of the top sources on the internet for availing various types of artwork from Africa. Our company has set a landmark when it comes to rendering the high quality of African clothes, African bags or African jewelry. Visit today to buy one of the best quality African fashion wears. Order online for a hassle free and safe delivery at very reasonable price and share your experience in comments below.


Are You Shopping Ethically This Season?

Did you know that Dec 2nd is Fair Tuesday? In response to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Fair Tuesday is devoted to shopping ethically and saving a ton of money. Studies show that if every Black Friday shopper supported Fair Tuesday on Dec 2nd, $1.15 Billion would go directly to fair trade workers and their families.

Now that is something to support!! #Fair Tuesday is for the creative, fun loving and open hearted individual. Check out our selection of Fair Trade items and support the cause!!



Don’t worry if you miss #Fair Tuesday great deals last throughout the holidays!!


1. Assorted African Batik Headbands -  Handmade In Ghana


African Batik Headband


2. Five Pack Christmas Greeting Cards – Handmade In Rwanda



Handcrafted African Christmas Cards




3. Sisal Handbag -  Handmade In Kenya

Sisal Handbag

4. Recycled Tin Art – Made in Zimbabwe

African Tin Art


5. Recycled Metal Art – Made In Zimbabwe

African Metal Shavings



Visit to shop for unique gifts handmade in Africa.



5 Things to Know When Shopping For Authentic African Bags This Spring

If you are someone who loves to have a collection of bags, it is worth your while to explore African Bags. These bags are exotic and are considered one among all as they have unique designs and patterns. The reason for their popularity is that they are handmade which ensures quality material and design.


African bags are a great way to experience the culture of Africa and add a perfect blend of sophistication and style to your spring wardrobe. African bags have bold prints and will add a great touch to any look. After all, when putting together the perfect spring outfit, we all need that special piece that will make you the envy of the crowd.


Here are a few essential things you might want to consider when shopping for African bags:


1. Make sure you are buying from a reputable retailer of African items.


Online shopping can be a bit intimidating for a person new to buying items online. We can only imagine the worst when shopping for items from across the world. Purchase from retailers that are capable of shipping worldwide and have great reviews and online presence.




2. Have A Look In Mind


Keep in mind there are many styles of African bags such as; crossbody bags, drawstring bags, shoulder bags, clutch purses and so on..Knowing exactly what style you are going for helps in your search for the perfect bag.


african crossbody bag          african cloth bag


3. Get Familiar With Different Fabrics and Fibers.


African designers have many different types of textiles and plant fibers to choose from when designing handbags. Kente cloth is very popular in West Africa. While usually stiffer fiber from the sisal plant is used to make handbags in Eastern countries in Africa.

sisal bags


african kente cloth



4. Stand Out From The Crowd.


These bags can be taken to the office or for everyday use.  African bags are spacious and help you carry as many things as you want, while being fashionable.  The designs made on them are of the very African culture that you will observe when visiting the continent and many people will admire the uniqueness of the bag.




5. Be Creative


African Bags are so versatile. One bag can be used for many things. For instance the African Baobab bag is not only a cool travel bag but can also be used as a sturdy and stylish baby bag for diapers, toys and etc. or everyday tote.

African Travel Bag


The 3-in-1 bag can be worn as a crossbody bag or shoulder bag. The options are endless so don’t be afraid to use your imagination and be creative.


African 3-in-1 Bag



Happy shopping :)

















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