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Explore the Perfect Pieces of African Artwork

Art lovers and art enthusiasts have always appreciated different forms of art that come out of this culturally enriched continent. African art is one of the most popular home and office decorative options not only within Africa but in other continents too. Here we will brief you about the popularity, authentic places to buy and other important informations regarding African drums and sculptures.


African drums: African music has always been a great source of inspiration for the modern day musicians. The reason behind the popularity of African music is the instruments used in it. These instruments, especially the African drums, are best known for their uniqueness in style as well as sound. African drums are basically hand-crafted using wood, metal, hard-rinded fruit, and leather.

Apart from a form of popular musical instrument, African drums are also considered as decorative items for homes and offices. Being one of the popular gifting items from the land of Africa, these drums can be gifted to those who love African instruments or African music, otherwise, these can be gifted simply as decorative items for the home or recreational spaces. Some of the popular varieties of African drums available in the market are Djembe drums, Talking drums, Tambora drum, Sakara drum, Bougarabou drum, Dondo drum, and Senegal Djembe.





Talking Drum, Yoruba beats

Talking Drum, Yoruba beats



African Sculptures: The human has always inclined towards the creation and appreciation of art. Different types of art are often used in different ways because of the varying feelings they induce. Sculptures are such a form of bold and noticeable art that have been used from the ancient times as souvenir, showpiece and gifting pieces. African sculptures have become one of the most popular art forms in the recent times due to their remarkable fusion of the traditional and the contemporary art. These sculptures are basically hand-crafted from various kinds of materials such as stone, metal, and wood to bring out intricate characters from them. Following are the types of sculptures that are most popular:




Zebra Mask

Zebra Mask





African Stone Sculptures: Stone sculptures are considered as an ideal investment for good Luck. Handcrafted by skilled artists, these sculptures are ideal for enhancing the persona of your personal or official space. Moreover, these sculptures also make one of the best cultural gifts. Having one in your living room can bring you peace and prosperity. Each artifact is carved with a delicate touch.




Abstract Stone Couple Made in Zimbabwe

Abstract Stone Couple Made in Zimbabwe




African Wood Carvings: Wood Carving or sculptures are same as stone sculptures, but these are carved out of wood. These beautifully hand-crafted featuring delicacy of traditional art form works as the best decorative items for your home or office. From animals to god and masks to wall hangings, there is a huge variety of African sculptures to choose from.





Wood Mask Made In Mali

Wood Mask Made In Mali




So, you can see how African art that can beautify your home as well as your office at the best. Whether you are a traditional art lover or admirer, you will find that African art can be the new item in your showcase. You can be assured of finding one that matches your taste and the style of your home. If you are looking for an online store to buy authentic African artworks, look no further than Simba Craftware @ Not only one of the most reliable sources on the web for buying various types of artwork from Africa, Simba Craftware is also known for offering competitive prices and hassle free delivery.





It’s A New Year! Dramatize Your Space with African Décor

If you are looking for ways to dramatize or simply add culture to your home or office, there is no better way to do it than by making use of African Art. African art is richly textured, brightly colored, intricately designed pieces with a deep sense of African history and craftsmanship which has  a strong impact on any room they are placed in. Africa is known for its natural surroundings. So it’s little wonder why many African décor pieces are shaped in the likeness of animals found in the African continent. Whether you buy figures and figurines they will come decorated with animals like lions, tigers, leopards, elephants, giraffes etc.


African Art and Crafts


No matter what piece of African décor you buy, you are sure to find great examples of African craftsmanship in it. African Crafts are internationally renowned for being vibrant and a full representation of cultural expression. All African Crafts are hand crafted and hand painted. Wood and metal is carved by hand as well and the ingenuity of the design and the process is evident in each and every piece. Whether you buy a large piece of African furniture or a small figurine, you will see brilliant examples of work that have been created with attention to every tiny detail.

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