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Simba Craftware featured in Lavender Magazine

Baskets often make their way into holiday décor in various ways. At Simba Craftware found in the Midtown Global Market, the pieces are authentic African items made by African artists. Tamara Richard, a Manager at Simba Craftware, says leaves made in Ghana from recycled glass are a great conversation starter for the front door. As the first impression guests have of your home, the front door is definitely a place to go bold with the décor.

Richard also recommends the vibrant colors of African baskets as a great option to be used as a centerpiece with local fruit or with any other arrangement in the home. In addition to home decor, Richard has also seen many of these baskets filled with items found throughout the Midtown Global Market to create amazing gifts.

A wicker basket from Kenya filled with fruit, for example, or a Ghana-produced basket filled with salsas. As a final gift idea, Richard recommends filling a basket with pistachio shortbread, a cookbook, honey, and a candle. She says, “After the gift is given, there is a built in décor item!”

Simba Craftware
920 E Lake St, Minneapolis

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