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Corporate Gifts

African Gifts- Tell your loved ones that they are special

Gifts are the most awesome way of expressing your care and love to others. Therefore, our online store has a large collection of African gifts out of which you can choose the perfect one for your loved ones. These handmade gifts are made by African artisans. Make every moment special with dazzling and beautiful African gifts.

Perfect Corporate gifts for your professional needs

Our finest range of Corporate gifts includes A Mother's Lullaby - Handcrafted Mirror, African Decorative Bowl, African Wood Carving - Folk Wisdom, Avocet Drinking African Metal Sculpture, Avocet Walking African Metal Sculpture and Baby Chick African Metal Sculpture. Corporate gifts are the best way of showing appreciation towards your employees. These gifts create a positive atmosphere among employees and they become more dedicated towards their work. So, get suitable corporate gift items at reasonable prices from us!!

African gifts- As every moment is precious

Our unique and outstanding range of African gifts includes Abstract African Stone Woman Sculpture, Abstract African Stone Face Sculpture with Oval Curves, 3-in-1 Handcrafted African Hand Bag with Leather Straps and Adorned Handcrafted Wood Crocodile. Festivals are the great way to celebrate your happiness with others. Thus, you can check out our wide range for making every auspicious moment an unforgettable one.


A Milk Shaking Birthday

Price: $5.95
Abstract African Stone Face Sculpture

Abstract African Stone Face Sculpture with...

Price: $29.95

Abstract African Stone Face Sculpture with...

Price: $29.95

Abstract African Stone Face Sculpture with...

Price: $65.00

Abstract African Wood Sculpture - What to Do?

Price: $110.00

Abstract Black and White African Zebra Card

Price: $5.95

Abstract Family of Three 8" African Stone ...

Price: $185.00

Adorned Handcrafted Wood Crocodile

Price: $105.95

African Cedar Wood Wall Hanging Mirror

Price: $254.95

African Decorative Bowl

Price: $55.95

African Drummers Wall Hanging Mirror

Price: $109.95

African Giraffes taking a drink

Price: $174.95

African Handcrafted Chair

Price: $197.95

African Jungle Inspired Handcrafted Chair

Price: $249.95

African Korhogo Painting

Price: $120.00

African Sese Wood Carving - Hold The World...

Price: $110.00

African sese Wood Sculpture Peace Bird Pro...

Price: $155.95

African Stone & Metal Bird Sculpture

Price: $30.00
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