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Traditional African Fashion for Women – Getting to Know African Fabrics


There is no doubt that African fashion has influenced designers around the world for decades. But, have you ever thought of what traditional African fashion is like?


Nigerian – British artist, Yinka Shonibare, was quoted “A picture of a pipe isn’t necessarily a pipe; an image of “African fabric” isn’t necessarily authentically [and wholly] African.


Simba Craftware has teamed up with Misi Afrique a ready to wear and made to order clothing boutique based in Minneapolis, MN and provided you with a few tips about traditional African fashion for women prepare yourself for the need to instantly google a tailor nearest you.



African Fashion for Women

African fashion for women is wide ranging and tends to differ from region to region. However, in most cases, it tends to include headgear..



Gele, African clothing

Gele (head tie) – African Dress



Different styles include kaftans, blouse and pants or skirts, dashikis, etc. For special occasions, the material used is heavy and is richly embroidered. For casual wear, the material tends to be light, like cotton and may be tie-dyed.

For both men and women, the color scheme ranges from light, subtle colors to loud and bright colors.



1.   Is it important to purchase authentic Ankara fabric ? If so how do we recognize real Ankara from the knockoff?



That is a very interesting question because “Authentic Ankara” is usually very expensive. Nowadays there are so many designs out there that will not necessarily be described as “Authentic Ankara” but look just as nice. And African fashion is now more visible than ever so manufacturers of Ankara are trying to cater for all in their designs.




Ankara/Dutch Wax Fabric

Ankara/Dutch Wax Fabric




2.       Is mix matching patterns ok?



Yes it is, if it is done well, mixing Ankaras can be very lovely but it takes someone with a good eye for the Ankara fabrics to know the right Ankara patterns to mix together. Otherwise I would advise that mixing Ankara with matching plain color fabrics is a lot easier to do than mixing different Ankaras.




Beyonce via Instagram 2015

Beyonce via Instagram August 2015



3. Are most dresses/outfits custom made or ready to wear?



The funny thing is when I started Misi Afrique I went in with the mind of making ready to wear my primary market but after being in the business for just two years I have come to realize that over 70% of my customers still opt for custom orders.



4. Is Ankara ok to wear to the office?


Totally. so long as is a business appropriate and it is put together well, why not. With that said if your office has a no shorts policy, wearing Ankara shorts will not make it acceptable :)





African Clothing via Pinterest

African Clothing via Pinterest





5.       Do you have any fashion rules when putting an African inspired outfit together?



The general fashion rules apply to putting together African inspired outfits. Know your body type and wear something that will flatter it.




6.  What are some of your favorite African fabrics?



Nowadays there are so many beautiful fabrics out there. In fact I have noticed that there is a kind merging between what is identified as African and what is not. Some of my favorite “African fabrics” like tulle, Ankara and guipure are now seen all around the stores and are represented as non-African.




African fashion - by Misi Afrique

Guipure lace & Ankara shorts –  by Misi Afrique



7.      With so many African inspired dresses, skirts, tops and etc. sold at department stores, where do you see African Fashion in the future?


I started Misi Afrique with the mind that one day it will be displayed in large department stores along with non-African clothes. So I believe that is exactly where African fashion is headed – the mainstream, where it will be wore by everybody, everywhere and for every occasion.





Have you heard about Misi Adeniyi?



African Clothing - Oyin Skirt

Hi. My name is Misi Adeniyi and I am the Creative Mind behind Misi Afrique, a ready to wear and made to order clothing boutique for men, women and children.  I started Misi Afrique in 2013 after struggling with the idea of starting my own African inspired clothing line. Many years before then I had designed clothes for many friends though nothing serious but as the years grew, the desire to dress people became more attractive to me and so I decided to take a plunge into the business side of things. The journey so far has been fun and I am excited and a little nervous, about what the future holds for Misi Afrique.


How would you describe your own personal style?

Hmmm. I love to stand out, in a trendy, elegant and classy way, I know I can sometimes be a little flashJ. I wouldn’t describe my style as loud or too crazy more like dressing for the occasion.



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