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Style Yourself with African Jewelry and Clothing for Different Occasions

Traditional dresses are becoming the new hot cakes of the market due to their lively colors, intricate craftsmanship and alluring designs. When it comes to jewel pieces and clothing of Africa, people just cannot get enough. From teens to older adults, everyone is looking for traditionally styled African clothing and jewelry to uplift their charisma during casual and special days.


Here are some of the occasions where you can try out these African pieces to transform your look:


1. At the Music Festival: Africa has a long history of music, from Djembe drumming to African dancing.  So, what will be more cool than choosing a piece of African clothing for your next outdoor music festival? A lightweight, easy to wear and airy dress is a must for any event.



Beyonce via Instagram 2015

Beyonce via Instagram 2015


2. At The Beach: The beach is a place where everyone likes to be a free bird and for this kind of place nothing can be better than African print bags. Bold prints will definitely enchance your look.



Made in Kenya

Made in Ghana


3. Out in the City: Everyone loves to explore the new places around the city and self-styling is an act that everyone cares about. From dresses to jewelry, there is a lot of choices in styles when it comes to African items. From colored skirts to Beaded Choker Necklaces, these elegant pieces of African items are enough to provide a new edge and twist to the traditional style of the wearers.



Handmade Clay Beads

Handmade Clay Beads






Whatever you may pick from these African pieces, you are sure to get more eyes on you owing to the uniqueness found in African style. So if you are looking for an online store to get African Clothing or African Jewelry for sale, browsing should be your one-stop destination. Hundreds of designs in African clothing and jewelry are waiting for you to enhance your personality.

Give Your Personality a Unique Style with African Fashion & Accessories

Natives of Africa have kept their tradition alive through their unique music, life style & hand-crafted artwork. Apart from these arts and crafts, there are certain other African items which are also popular nowadays. Among these items African jewelry, clothes and bags are to name a few. There are also very elegant pieces of clothing that are really praised outside Africa as a new trending fashion wear. African clothes are the most colorful clothing having a unique style and comfortable fabric. Same goes with the bags which are the finest in quality and long lasting too. African jewelry is also one of the finest hand-crafted pieces of artwork that can beautify your personality and give you a different look. Find here the types of these fashion wears and which is the best place to buy them.


African Jewelry: Women often get bored with their old and outdated jewelry and die to try something different. So authentic African jewelry is a unique and stunning choice for ladies belonging to any age group. African jewelry is designed by traditional methods using local raw materials. African jewelry includes handcrafted earrings, bracelet, and ceramic bead African necklace etc. Featuring combination of style and tradition, African jewelry helps a woman to accentuate her look in the most elegant style.



Glass Beads

Glass Beads




Beaded Bracelet

Beaded Bracelet


African Bags: Do you want an elegant handbag that fits your needs? African bags are the new trend in the market that can satisfy your quest. These bags are the great combination of style and elegance. Made from the stiff fibers of sisal plant and other allied materials, these premium quality styled bags are quite long lasting.


African Bag



African Clothes: Africa is known for its rich tradition, culture and its beautiful clothing. Traditional Clothing of Africa is very colorful that boasts of intricate detail and workmanship. People have grown keen interest in wearing African clothes because of their extraordinary style, decency, and uniqueness. African Clothing line is made from pure cotton to offer a sense of comfort and coolness. So if you want to give your wardrobe something new and trendy, you should definitely try African clothing. Be it for women, men or kids, there is always a wide variety of clothes available to choose from. When it comes to African Clothes choosing the right textile is the key.


Ankara Fabric

Ankara Fabric




Buying African clothing and accessories online is not a new thing now. Simba Craftware is one of the top sources on the internet for availing various types of artwork from Africa. Our company has set a landmark when it comes to rendering the high quality of African clothes, African bags or African jewelry. Visit today to buy one of the best quality African fashion wears. Order online for a hassle free and safe delivery at very reasonable price and share your experience in comments below.


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