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Three African Artworks which will Give Your Home a Completely New Look

Africa is the hub of all kinds of arts and culture. It is also the origin of civilization so it will not be wrong to say that this continent has given birth to the different forms of arts and culture. The history of African artwork is very long and what you see today in African artwork is the mixture of various arts, beliefs, and traditions. This is why you find a lot of variations in African Artworks. Continue reading to know about the three famous African Artworks which you can use to give your home a welcoming and wonderful look.


African Paintings: African paintings are the best options if you are looking to add some character on your walls. Using paintings in different corners of your interiors is a wonderful way to create a wonderful theme. A beautiful and attractive painting will not only help in transforming the look of your interiors but it will also leave a lasting impression on the viewers. Many people are not able to distinguish a good painting among the available African art for sale. So, what makes a good painting? A good painting is something which can easily increase your curiosity level and can easily draw your attention toward it. As there are lots of options available in African paintings, finding the best pieces for home is surely a daunting task for anyone. It is advised to choose the African painting which will perfectly compliment interior of your home or office.


Young Adult African Paintings


African Masks: Many people consider African masks only as a decorative element. But, these are more than that. African masks have been used and specifically made for celebrating spiritual ceremonies through dance and songs. Different African masks have different meanings so it is important to choose African masks which completely go with your home or office decor theme. Masks are usually made from a wide variety of materials ranging from wood, bone, metal, stone, and so on. Thereby, these masks offer you a vast option to beautify every corner of your home or office as per your wish and desire.

Colorful Handcrafted Ghanaian Wood And Brass Mask


African Sculptures: African sculptures are something which you will surely love to have in your home. Praised throughout the world for intricate detailing, amazing craftsmanship, and uniqueness, African sculptures have the ability to transform a simple home into an extra ordinary space. As these are available in a wide range of materials, sizes, and shapes, you can buy one which can perfectly go with your interior design.


Elephant 7 Abstract African Stone Sculpture Polished


Hope, now you have a good understanding of different types of African artworks that are usually used to beautify the different corners of the interior spaces. If you are also planning to decorate your living space, commercial complex, or office with African artwork, you should approach a reliable and renowned online supplier that offers great deals on the best quality and unique African art for sale.



Create a Soulful Environment in Your Home with African Artworks

Decorating the interior with tribal African artwork is one of the best options to create an exotic environment and to give your home a unique and attractive look. When talking about African artworks, you can find a lot of options to decorate the entire interior in style. You can start decorating your home with colorful African fabrics, beautifully designed masks, hand-painted clothes, handcrafted wall arts, and wonderful African sculptures. You still have a lot of options to decorate the interior if you do not want to decorate the wall. You can decorate your home with small African art pieces as well to give your home a unique and exotic feel. As there are a number of options available for decorating your home with African artwork, it is up to you to decide what you want to buy for decorating the different corners of your home. But before buying any African decorative piece for your home, take a look at some of the popular options available in African art for sale for home or office decoration.


African Giraffes taking a drink


Kisii Stone Plate

Kisii stone plate is one of the most popular African stones used for home decor. Popularly known as soapstone, kisii stone plates are widely used as the centerpieces in many interior decor projects to create a unique appeal in the interior. Kisii stone plates create multicolored effect when applied with natural dyes on the surface of the stone. The stones absorb the colors, thereby making them a great option to use as the decorative pieces on the center table, wall, and on the side stands.


African Drums

You can also use African drums to enhance the beauty and look of the interior. Designed using the best quality materials, these drums are available in numerous styles and designs so you can use them in different corners of your place to add class, beauty, and style in the interiors. You can use Djembe, Key-Tuned, Ngoma, Conga, Sabar, Krin, Bugarabu, and Dunun drums to add beauty and elegance to your interior.


African Masks

Authentic African Wood Zebra Mask

African masks are one of the best options if you want to give an African feel to your interiors. These masks are widely demanded throughout the world by the homeowners to give their home a unique, classy, and beautiful look. With so many options available in African masks, you can use them in the corner of the drawing room, hang on the wall, use as a centerpiece on the table, or simply use these masks on the side stands. The intricate detailing, wonderful design, and beauty of the African masks will surely help in creating a soulful environment in the home.


African Sculptures


Abstract African Stone Face Sculpture with Oval Curves


African sculptures are another option which you can opt to decorate your interior. These sculptures are made using different quality materials like metals, clay, ceramic, and woods which you can choose as per your need and requirements.

Abstract Family of Three African Stone Sculpture
These are only a few options which you can opt to create an exotic ambiance in your home. If you want to explore some more options, you must visit a reliable and renowned African artwork supplier who carries a comprehensive range of traditional and hand-crafted African arts for sale to find some of the best and unique pieces for home decor purposes.

Explore the Perfect Pieces of African Artwork

Art lovers and art enthusiasts have always appreciated different forms of art that come out of this culturally enriched continent. African art is one of the most popular home and office decorative options not only within Africa but in other continents too. Here we will brief you about the popularity, authentic places to buy and other important informations regarding African drums and sculptures.


African drums: African music has always been a great source of inspiration for the modern day musicians. The reason behind the popularity of African music is the instruments used in it. These instruments, especially the African drums, are best known for their uniqueness in style as well as sound. African drums are basically hand-crafted using wood, metal, hard-rinded fruit, and leather.

Apart from a form of popular musical instrument, African drums are also considered as decorative items for homes and offices. Being one of the popular gifting items from the land of Africa, these drums can be gifted to those who love African instruments or African music, otherwise, these can be gifted simply as decorative items for the home or recreational spaces. Some of the popular varieties of African drums available in the market are Djembe drums, Talking drums, Tambora drum, Sakara drum, Bougarabou drum, Dondo drum, and Senegal Djembe.





Talking Drum, Yoruba beats

Talking Drum, Yoruba beats



African Sculptures: The human has always inclined towards the creation and appreciation of art. Different types of art are often used in different ways because of the varying feelings they induce. Sculptures are such a form of bold and noticeable art that have been used from the ancient times as souvenir, showpiece and gifting pieces. African sculptures have become one of the most popular art forms in the recent times due to their remarkable fusion of the traditional and the contemporary art. These sculptures are basically hand-crafted from various kinds of materials such as stone, metal, and wood to bring out intricate characters from them. Following are the types of sculptures that are most popular:




Zebra Mask

Zebra Mask





African Stone Sculptures: Stone sculptures are considered as an ideal investment for good Luck. Handcrafted by skilled artists, these sculptures are ideal for enhancing the persona of your personal or official space. Moreover, these sculptures also make one of the best cultural gifts. Having one in your living room can bring you peace and prosperity. Each artifact is carved with a delicate touch.




Abstract Stone Couple Made in Zimbabwe

Abstract Stone Couple Made in Zimbabwe




African Wood Carvings: Wood Carving or sculptures are same as stone sculptures, but these are carved out of wood. These beautifully hand-crafted featuring delicacy of traditional art form works as the best decorative items for your home or office. From animals to god and masks to wall hangings, there is a huge variety of African sculptures to choose from.





Wood Mask Made In Mali

Wood Mask Made In Mali




So, you can see how African art that can beautify your home as well as your office at the best. Whether you are a traditional art lover or admirer, you will find that African art can be the new item in your showcase. You can be assured of finding one that matches your taste and the style of your home. If you are looking for an online store to buy authentic African artworks, look no further than Simba Craftware @ Not only one of the most reliable sources on the web for buying various types of artwork from Africa, Simba Craftware is also known for offering competitive prices and hassle free delivery.





Top 5 African Souvenirs To Buy

Africa has gained wide recognition due to its distinct forms of arts, musical instruments and crafts. Truly inspired by the untouched form of nature, African Art is widely demanded in the East as well as West for some of its uniquely designed items. In this blog, we are listing some of Africa’s most beloved items.


African Sculptures: Sculptures have been cherished among the civilizations since the early days of humanity. African sculptures are known for their irregular shapes and styles that offer a deeper insight of African cultures, wild animals as well as the tribal communities. These sculptures are made from different kinds of materials such as stones, wood, beads and other items.



Made In Ghana

Made In Ghana



African Bags: Accessorizing is the key to a stylish outfit. Just the right amount of color and size would transform any outfit from boring to va—boom!! African bags are made from different material such as sisal fiber, real leather, cloth and other material and can be custom made. These bags are a must have if you are looking for something different, bright and distinctly fashionable. So, the next time you are up for a replacement for your regular leather and cloth bags, try out African bags to carry your belongings in style.



Made in Kenya

Made in Ghana


African Clothing: African clothing makes the perfect choice to experiment with your basic wardrobe, Besides, African clothing offers a royal look owning to its bright color combinations and unique designs dating back to centuries ago. Many of Hollywood A-list celebrities are photographed wearing African prints and styles. Dare to be bold in block designs and vibrant colors.



Made In Ghana

Made In Ghana



African Jewelry: Known for uniqueness, elegance, and quality, handcrafted African jewelry is considered as one of the most demanding forms of jewelry at the present day. When it comes to African Jewelry, nothing beats the uniqueness of style found in an assorted range of African pendants, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and another designer tribal jewelry. Primarily cherished for cultural significance, African jewelry has now established in the fashion market as a new trend of self-adornment. This specific form of jewelry can be found made from different specific materials that include stones, bone, shells, wood, glass or shells. What’s your pick?




Made In Kenya

Made In Kenya


African Crafts: There exist a wide variety of African crafts that ranges from animal figures to masks, daily usable items to tables, and many others. Whether you are looking for an elegant piece to decor your interior or you are just seeking for an exclusive gift to present your sibling, African crafts offer an affordable and enticing range to choose from.


Made in Kenya

Made in Kenya


So what are you waiting for? Shop for an exclusive piece of African art from an online store to make up your mind. Clothing, bag , jewelry or craft, the list goes on and on. Beware of the fake sellers over the internet when it comes to African art! Just browse to witness an assorted range of original African art and decor by African artists.



Simba Craftware featured in Lavender Magazine

Baskets often make their way into holiday décor in various ways. At Simba Craftware found in the Midtown Global Market, the pieces are authentic African items made by African artists. Tamara Richard, a Manager at Simba Craftware, says leaves made in Ghana from recycled glass are a great conversation starter for the front door. As the first impression guests have of your home, the front door is definitely a place to go bold with the décor.

Richard also recommends the vibrant colors of African baskets as a great option to be used as a centerpiece with local fruit or with any other arrangement in the home. In addition to home decor, Richard has also seen many of these baskets filled with items found throughout the Midtown Global Market to create amazing gifts.

A wicker basket from Kenya filled with fruit, for example, or a Ghana-produced basket filled with salsas. As a final gift idea, Richard recommends filling a basket with pistachio shortbread, a cookbook, honey, and a candle. She says, “After the gift is given, there is a built in décor item!”

Simba Craftware
920 E Lake St, Minneapolis

Follow this link to read more: Holiday Décor: Tips from the Professionals



African Art – Cultured and Elegant creations crafted together

If there is one art from that has stood the test of time, it is African Art. The carving techniques have been passed down over thousands of years and African craftsmen and women who are considered to have a divine talent make these pieces unforgettable.

It is not just the exquisite carvings or the aesthetic value these products bring to a room; it is also the story behind the creation of this art, the rich history of the tribes from whom the art form originated.  From the Massai tribe in Kenya to the thousands of ethnic tribes, each piece is unique and has a vast history that is perfect for a coffee table discussion.


African Decor – African Art in Modern Décor

In a modern décor, having a creation like mud cloth, enhances the beauty of the room by leaps and bounds and is undoubtedly among the most popular due to its size and exclusivity. African items such as a mud cloth is quickly growing in popularity. Made from locally found materials, these environmentally friendly products are normally hand stitched from 100% cotton. The patterns and the drawings are so unique to the place and can also beautifully adorn walls. The uniqueness of these items along with the fact that African fashion is something which has just started to catch on makes this amazing art form stand out.


Courtesy of University of St. Thomas: Interprofessional Center

Courtesy of University of St. Thomas: Interprofessional Center


African mask is another product that you can display in any room. Many African masks were used by traditional dancers to go into a trance and communicate with the spirits. It will give your  room an air of mystery and an element of surprise to your guests.


Courtesy of University of St. Thomas: Interprofessional Center

Courtesy of University of St. Thomas: Interprofessional Center


There are many sites that offer African art, handcrafted sculptures and more, in your search make sure you find an item that is unique and authentic.



It’s A New Year! Dramatize Your Space with African Décor

If you are looking for ways to dramatize or simply add culture to your home or office, there is no better way to do it than by making use of African Art. African art is richly textured, brightly colored, intricately designed pieces with a deep sense of African history and craftsmanship which has  a strong impact on any room they are placed in. Africa is known for its natural surroundings. So it’s little wonder why many African décor pieces are shaped in the likeness of animals found in the African continent. Whether you buy figures and figurines they will come decorated with animals like lions, tigers, leopards, elephants, giraffes etc.


African Art and Crafts


No matter what piece of African décor you buy, you are sure to find great examples of African craftsmanship in it. African Crafts are internationally renowned for being vibrant and a full representation of cultural expression. All African Crafts are hand crafted and hand painted. Wood and metal is carved by hand as well and the ingenuity of the design and the process is evident in each and every piece. Whether you buy a large piece of African furniture or a small figurine, you will see brilliant examples of work that have been created with attention to every tiny detail.

Cool African Inspired Nursery



Explore African History Through Paintings

History of a people can easily be deciphered from the art produced by them. The same is true of African history and the art produced by the African people. Although African history can be seen in all African art forms, it is extremely predominant in African paintings.

European Influence

From relatively recent African history, we see the influence of European painters on African paintings from the period when Africa was colonized by European nations. For instance, we see the tendency towards the picturesque and the sublime in early paintings from South Africa. We see paintings that depict unique African landscape and scenery in vivid colors.

Recent African History

Africa has been undergoing a lot of struggle in the last century. Many countries got their independence from European powers and are in the quest to establish their own unique identity. You can see this aspect of African history depicted in African paintings as well. For instance, in the paintings coming from Mozambique, you can see the progress from European influence to resistance to liberation and finally to the establishment of their national cultural identity. It is fascinating to watch African history unfold in front of one’s eyes though the rich and varied hues of colors.

Bring The Wild Into Your Home With African Décor

What is one of the first things that come to your mind when you think of Africa? The wild animals, of course! How about bringing the wildness of these animals into your homes with African décor?

Animal Figurines

Art borrows a lot from nature and it is true of African art as well. It is dotted with the natural life that exists in the region. One of the most popular items of African décor is wild animal figurines. These figurines are made from wood, stone, clay, fabric, carved in metals like tin, pewter, etc. These items of African décor not only depict African wildlife but also bring forth the beauty of African art and craftsmanship.

Other Items of Decor

Wild animals can be seen in many other items of African décor apart from just figurines. You can find wild animals in furniture, ornaments, tableware, silverware, jugs and glasses, paper weights, napkin rings, etc. They depict a large number of wild animals in a rich variety of form. So, bring the wild nature that is the heart of Africa into your home with these beautifully and painstakingly handmade items of African décor.

African Art Gift Items That Will Be Cherished

If you are looking for a gift item, surely you want the recipient to cherish it and appreciate it. Have you thought of buying African art gift items to give to your loved ones? African art gift items make for some very thoughtful gifts which will be fondly remembered for a long time to come.
Gifts for Show
Many people like gifts that they can display. African art gift items are perfect for people like these. African art gift items are rich in history and culture as well as art and craftsmanship. You may want to consider gift items like animal figurines, paintings, sculptures, masks,etc.
Gifts for Use
There are also those kind of people who want to be able to use their gifts and not just display them. There are a number of African art gift items for people like these. You can get for them African glasses, silverware, tableware, candle holders, napkin rings, etc. All these African art gift items are not just utilitarian, but also works of art. They are beautiful to look at and are made by hand with exquisite care and skill. They carry with them the culture and history of Africa

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