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For those who have been lucky enough or will be fortunate to visit Morocco in North Africa one thing that will stay with you as you leave the country will be some of their food such as couscous, tagines, and salads. Some have joked that their best food is found at home and the street where a whole new industry emerges at some point in the day or night. We recently had a talk with one Chef Hassan Ziadi a Moroccan native, who recently opened Moroccan Flavors in Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis, MN. He engaged us with vast information on fine dining and street foods.


Blog: As a chef you have vast knowledge on different worldwide cuisines, why did you settle for Moroccan for the people of Minneapolis?



Chef Hassan: My wife and I are of Moroccan background. In 2015 New York Times voted Moroccan cuisine as one the best in the world and Moroccan cuisine is exquisite, in both taste and presentation and there are not many options in Minneapolis.



Blog: What do you think about street foods?



Chef Hassan: I support the street food art one hundred percent. Street food chefs make their food with so much passion and commitment. Unlike restaurants that can depend on the brand names to get a clientele, for street food, it’s all about the sweet tastes that keep people coming. Most of the street food vendors cook signature dishes such as what people order in fine dining establishments.


Blog: Now that you have mentioned fine dining do you think it is better than other forms of food establishments?



Chef Hassan: Of course everyone wants to enjoy a beautiful dining experience. It may not be so much because of the food, but the service, and the good wine selection. Chefs in fine dining restaurants cook some of the best meals in the world.



Blog: Do you think there is a difference between fine dining and street foods?



Chef Hassan: The physical differences are evident, but I think the objective for both is to give people an opportunity to experience different cuisines far from what they are used to.



Blog: What do you mean by that?



Chef Hassan: If you visited Morocco and decided to try the street foods, some of the foods you will find available are not your everyday pizzas and noodles. They have foods such as snail soups, Brochette, and stuffed camel spleen. In a fine dining establishment, you will be served so many dishes you have never heard of; the only familiar thing will be some of the ingredients.


Blog: Do you mean they are the same?



Chef Hassan: In essence they are. Street food is fine dining for people with a limited budget. Take for example the idea of open chefs in fine dining. They prepare the food right in front of you. The same goes for street food service. They do not have defined establishments with expensive kitchens. Whatever you order will be prepared very fast as you wait.





 African Cuisine





Blog: You have to agree presentation in fine dining is better.



Chef Hassan: It is all in the preference. If you ever see how Aubergine fritters and crumbled liver are presented by street food vendors in Morocco, you would beg to disagree. One most important thing to note about food establishments that focus on giving people unique foods is, they have to incorporate proper presentation in the food they serve.





It is evident Moroccan cuisine promises to take your palette on a “delicious” trip. Whether you are a Minneapolis local or tourist, you should visit Midtown Global Market and experience what Chef Hassan Ziadi has to offer from Moroccan Flavors. Visit  for more info about this business.



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