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Style Yourself with African Jewelry and Clothing for Different Occasions

Traditional dresses are becoming the new hot cakes of the market due to their lively colors, intricate craftsmanship and alluring designs. When it comes to jewel pieces and clothing of Africa, people just cannot get enough. From teens to older adults, everyone is looking for traditionally styled African clothing and jewelry to uplift their charisma during casual and special days.


Here are some of the occasions where you can try out these African pieces to transform your look:


1. At the Music Festival: Africa has a long history of music, from Djembe drumming to African dancing.  So, what will be more cool than choosing a piece of African clothing for your next outdoor music festival? A lightweight, easy to wear and airy dress is a must for any event.



Beyonce via Instagram 2015

Beyonce via Instagram 2015


2. At The Beach: The beach is a place where everyone likes to be a free bird and for this kind of place nothing can be better than African print bags. Bold prints will definitely enchance your look.



Made in Kenya

Made in Ghana


3. Out in the City: Everyone loves to explore the new places around the city and self-styling is an act that everyone cares about. From dresses to jewelry, there is a lot of choices in styles when it comes to African items. From colored skirts to Beaded Choker Necklaces, these elegant pieces of African items are enough to provide a new edge and twist to the traditional style of the wearers.



Handmade Clay Beads

Handmade Clay Beads






Whatever you may pick from these African pieces, you are sure to get more eyes on you owing to the uniqueness found in African style. So if you are looking for an online store to get African Clothing or African Jewelry for sale, browsing should be your one-stop destination. Hundreds of designs in African clothing and jewelry are waiting for you to enhance your personality.

Explore the Perfect Pieces of African Artwork

Art lovers and art enthusiasts have always appreciated different forms of art that come out of this culturally enriched continent. African art is one of the most popular home and office decorative options not only within Africa but in other continents too. Here we will brief you about the popularity, authentic places to buy and other important informations regarding African drums and sculptures.


African drums: African music has always been a great source of inspiration for the modern day musicians. The reason behind the popularity of African music is the instruments used in it. These instruments, especially the African drums, are best known for their uniqueness in style as well as sound. African drums are basically hand-crafted using wood, metal, hard-rinded fruit, and leather.

Apart from a form of popular musical instrument, African drums are also considered as decorative items for homes and offices. Being one of the popular gifting items from the land of Africa, these drums can be gifted to those who love African instruments or African music, otherwise, these can be gifted simply as decorative items for the home or recreational spaces. Some of the popular varieties of African drums available in the market are Djembe drums, Talking drums, Tambora drum, Sakara drum, Bougarabou drum, Dondo drum, and Senegal Djembe.





Talking Drum, Yoruba beats

Talking Drum, Yoruba beats



African Sculptures: The human has always inclined towards the creation and appreciation of art. Different types of art are often used in different ways because of the varying feelings they induce. Sculptures are such a form of bold and noticeable art that have been used from the ancient times as souvenir, showpiece and gifting pieces. African sculptures have become one of the most popular art forms in the recent times due to their remarkable fusion of the traditional and the contemporary art. These sculptures are basically hand-crafted from various kinds of materials such as stone, metal, and wood to bring out intricate characters from them. Following are the types of sculptures that are most popular:




Zebra Mask

Zebra Mask





African Stone Sculptures: Stone sculptures are considered as an ideal investment for good Luck. Handcrafted by skilled artists, these sculptures are ideal for enhancing the persona of your personal or official space. Moreover, these sculptures also make one of the best cultural gifts. Having one in your living room can bring you peace and prosperity. Each artifact is carved with a delicate touch.




Abstract Stone Couple Made in Zimbabwe

Abstract Stone Couple Made in Zimbabwe




African Wood Carvings: Wood Carving or sculptures are same as stone sculptures, but these are carved out of wood. These beautifully hand-crafted featuring delicacy of traditional art form works as the best decorative items for your home or office. From animals to god and masks to wall hangings, there is a huge variety of African sculptures to choose from.





Wood Mask Made In Mali

Wood Mask Made In Mali




So, you can see how African art that can beautify your home as well as your office at the best. Whether you are a traditional art lover or admirer, you will find that African art can be the new item in your showcase. You can be assured of finding one that matches your taste and the style of your home. If you are looking for an online store to buy authentic African artworks, look no further than Simba Craftware @ Not only one of the most reliable sources on the web for buying various types of artwork from Africa, Simba Craftware is also known for offering competitive prices and hassle free delivery.





Come Closer To The Art & Heart with African Drumming Lessons

Africa is long known for the musical tones and beats of the Djembe and other traditional drums. Djembe drums in particular has became more and more popular in the United States and other nations due to its unique style and ability to provide an immaculate level of fun without any prior skills of music. Keep in mind drumming is energizing for some and relaxing for others….So watch out!!! One hand slap on any drum will get you energized and ready for more!!




African drumming is ideal for learning and enjoyed by many people of any age, abilities or background. As a fun-filled activity, African drumming is considered one of the best therapeutic ways to improve body coordination and musical skills. When it comes to professionalism, African drumming lessons demand an enhanced level of concentration on different beats and drumming techniques.




At present, drumming is known as the most effective way to express creativity whilst gaining self-confidence, relaxation, and an internal feel-good experience. So put your hands on African drums to bring a smile of happiness on your face! Come on what are you waiting for?




Talking Drum, Northern  - Beat

Talking Drum








Drumming : Ultimate Source to Bring Communities Together


Creating music as a group encourages bonding within the group and makes people much more appreciative of their peers. Drumming creates a feeling of belonging and togetherness within a group. There is nothing better than enjoying the rhythm of African drum beats to have a feel of positivity, well-being and community spirit.


Individual lessons are always considered ideal for the ones who want to practice this unique form of music professionally. For those who are looking for drumming as a group workshop, it is the best thing one can ever ask for. Drumming workshops in a group helps to bring people from different communities together for sharing the path to joy and healing.





Drum lessons Minneapolis

June 2016  lessons 75% off



Learn African Drumming for Fun, Relaxation and Positivity


Our workshops meet the specific demands of any person and/or groups. Moreover, drumming is also great for enjoying and evolving the spirit of team building, leadership, problem solving and others. Either small or large groups, there are tons of African drumming activities to let people enjoy the traditional style of music from Africa. Sign up for our African drum lesson workshops to get the best of traditionally rich African music for fun, self-confidence, and joyful healing!


We encourage schools, businesses and local organizations to join in on the fun and explore your creative side. It’s more than lessons it’s exploring a different culture. African rhythms are heard all over and sampled by many. Find your rhythm in a peaceful fun environment.


Click here to sign up today!!





Top 5 African Souvenirs To Buy

Africa has gained wide recognition due to its distinct forms of arts, musical instruments and crafts. Truly inspired by the untouched form of nature, African Art is widely demanded in the East as well as West for some of its uniquely designed items. In this blog, we are listing some of Africa’s most beloved items.


African Sculptures: Sculptures have been cherished among the civilizations since the early days of humanity. African sculptures are known for their irregular shapes and styles that offer a deeper insight of African cultures, wild animals as well as the tribal communities. These sculptures are made from different kinds of materials such as stones, wood, beads and other items.



Made In Ghana

Made In Ghana



African Bags: Accessorizing is the key to a stylish outfit. Just the right amount of color and size would transform any outfit from boring to va—boom!! African bags are made from different material such as sisal fiber, real leather, cloth and other material and can be custom made. These bags are a must have if you are looking for something different, bright and distinctly fashionable. So, the next time you are up for a replacement for your regular leather and cloth bags, try out African bags to carry your belongings in style.



Made in Kenya

Made in Ghana


African Clothing: African clothing makes the perfect choice to experiment with your basic wardrobe, Besides, African clothing offers a royal look owning to its bright color combinations and unique designs dating back to centuries ago. Many of Hollywood A-list celebrities are photographed wearing African prints and styles. Dare to be bold in block designs and vibrant colors.



Made In Ghana

Made In Ghana



African Jewelry: Known for uniqueness, elegance, and quality, handcrafted African jewelry is considered as one of the most demanding forms of jewelry at the present day. When it comes to African Jewelry, nothing beats the uniqueness of style found in an assorted range of African pendants, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and another designer tribal jewelry. Primarily cherished for cultural significance, African jewelry has now established in the fashion market as a new trend of self-adornment. This specific form of jewelry can be found made from different specific materials that include stones, bone, shells, wood, glass or shells. What’s your pick?




Made In Kenya

Made In Kenya


African Crafts: There exist a wide variety of African crafts that ranges from animal figures to masks, daily usable items to tables, and many others. Whether you are looking for an elegant piece to decor your interior or you are just seeking for an exclusive gift to present your sibling, African crafts offer an affordable and enticing range to choose from.


Made in Kenya

Made in Kenya


So what are you waiting for? Shop for an exclusive piece of African art from an online store to make up your mind. Clothing, bag , jewelry or craft, the list goes on and on. Beware of the fake sellers over the internet when it comes to African art! Just browse to witness an assorted range of original African art and decor by African artists.



Best Unique Mother’s Day Gift 2015

Mother’s Day is approaching and finding a last minute gift for the woman in your life can be hectic. Don’t panic and splurge on a fancy overpriced brunch or settle for department store gifts. We’ve put together a list of some unique gift ideas to help you find the right one.


The Bold Necklace

If your mom is more fashion forward, here’s a great statement necklace. It can be worn for virtually any occasion, from work to a fancy evening event. These beads are made from recycled glass.

African Necklace

Recycled Glass Bead Necklace



For the Philanthropist

For donations of $50 or more, Books For Africa will send a handwritten note card or email notification to your honoree.
Please provide his/her full name and address or email.


Call the BFA office at (651) 602-9844 if you have questions.

Books For Africa





Conversation Starter

Does your mom love hosting dinner parties and cook outs with family and friends? This is a awesome salad bowl set. These handcrafted salad servers are carved from wild olive wood, an East African tree prized for its dramatic grain patterns. A portion of the handle is embellished with a batik dyed, decorative inlay of cow bone. These durable salad servers are an essential kitchen accessory for any hostess, plus they help support Kenyan artisans, Measures 12”L x 3”W.


Handcrafted African Wood Bowl

Salad Bowl Set







For The World Traveler

Has your mom traveled the world and back? If so we guarantee that she’ll appreciate a trip to the Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis, Mn a internationally-themed public market with groceries, great food and unique gifts. There is no better place in the Twin Cities to satisfy her senses. So if you have no clue what to buy, plan a visit to the Midtown Global Market and explore African, Tibetan, and Scandinavian and many other cultures.

Gift Certificates available for purchase.









 Baby Bag

 What new mother doesn’t need the perfect bag. If your’e shopping for a new mother who needs to carry around a lot of baby items, why not buy a chic all purpose bag.

Animal Print

African Print Bag









iPhone Case

IPhones aren’t cheap and can be costly to repair if damaged. Surprise her with a protective and stylish phone case. She will thank you later!

African Print Design Phone Case



Are You Shopping Ethically This Season?

Did you know that Dec 2nd is Fair Tuesday? In response to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Fair Tuesday is devoted to shopping ethically and saving a ton of money. Studies show that if every Black Friday shopper supported Fair Tuesday on Dec 2nd, $1.15 Billion would go directly to fair trade workers and their families.

Now that is something to support!! #Fair Tuesday is for the creative, fun loving and open hearted individual. Check out our selection of Fair Trade items and support the cause!!



Don’t worry if you miss #Fair Tuesday great deals last throughout the holidays!!


1. Assorted African Batik Headbands -  Handmade In Ghana


African Batik Headband


2. Five Pack Christmas Greeting Cards – Handmade In Rwanda



Handcrafted African Christmas Cards




3. Sisal Handbag -  Handmade In Kenya

Sisal Handbag

4. Recycled Tin Art – Made in Zimbabwe

African Tin Art


5. Recycled Metal Art – Made In Zimbabwe

African Metal Shavings



Visit to shop for unique gifts handmade in Africa.



Simba Craftware featured in Lavender Magazine

Baskets often make their way into holiday décor in various ways. At Simba Craftware found in the Midtown Global Market, the pieces are authentic African items made by African artists. Tamara Richard, a Manager at Simba Craftware, says leaves made in Ghana from recycled glass are a great conversation starter for the front door. As the first impression guests have of your home, the front door is definitely a place to go bold with the décor.

Richard also recommends the vibrant colors of African baskets as a great option to be used as a centerpiece with local fruit or with any other arrangement in the home. In addition to home decor, Richard has also seen many of these baskets filled with items found throughout the Midtown Global Market to create amazing gifts.

A wicker basket from Kenya filled with fruit, for example, or a Ghana-produced basket filled with salsas. As a final gift idea, Richard recommends filling a basket with pistachio shortbread, a cookbook, honey, and a candle. She says, “After the gift is given, there is a built in décor item!”

Simba Craftware
920 E Lake St, Minneapolis

Follow this link to read more: Holiday Décor: Tips from the Professionals



5 Things to Know When Shopping For Authentic African Bags This Spring

If you are someone who loves to have a collection of bags, it is worth your while to explore African Bags. These bags are exotic and are considered one among all as they have unique designs and patterns. The reason for their popularity is that they are handmade which ensures quality material and design.


African bags are a great way to experience the culture of Africa and add a perfect blend of sophistication and style to your spring wardrobe. African bags have bold prints and will add a great touch to any look. After all, when putting together the perfect spring outfit, we all need that special piece that will make you the envy of the crowd.


Here are a few essential things you might want to consider when shopping for African bags:


1. Make sure you are buying from a reputable retailer of African items.


Online shopping can be a bit intimidating for a person new to buying items online. We can only imagine the worst when shopping for items from across the world. Purchase from retailers that are capable of shipping worldwide and have great reviews and online presence.




2. Have A Look In Mind


Keep in mind there are many styles of African bags such as; crossbody bags, drawstring bags, shoulder bags, clutch purses and so on..Knowing exactly what style you are going for helps in your search for the perfect bag.


african crossbody bag          african cloth bag


3. Get Familiar With Different Fabrics and Fibers.


African designers have many different types of textiles and plant fibers to choose from when designing handbags. Kente cloth is very popular in West Africa. While usually stiffer fiber from the sisal plant is used to make handbags in Eastern countries in Africa.

sisal bags


african kente cloth



4. Stand Out From The Crowd.


These bags can be taken to the office or for everyday use.  African bags are spacious and help you carry as many things as you want, while being fashionable.  The designs made on them are of the very African culture that you will observe when visiting the continent and many people will admire the uniqueness of the bag.




5. Be Creative


African Bags are so versatile. One bag can be used for many things. For instance the African Baobab bag is not only a cool travel bag but can also be used as a sturdy and stylish baby bag for diapers, toys and etc. or everyday tote.

African Travel Bag


The 3-in-1 bag can be worn as a crossbody bag or shoulder bag. The options are endless so don’t be afraid to use your imagination and be creative.


African 3-in-1 Bag



Happy shopping :)

















African Art – Cultured and Elegant creations crafted together

If there is one art from that has stood the test of time, it is African Art. The carving techniques have been passed down over thousands of years and African craftsmen and women who are considered to have a divine talent make these pieces unforgettable.

It is not just the exquisite carvings or the aesthetic value these products bring to a room; it is also the story behind the creation of this art, the rich history of the tribes from whom the art form originated.  From the Massai tribe in Kenya to the thousands of ethnic tribes, each piece is unique and has a vast history that is perfect for a coffee table discussion.


African Decor – African Art in Modern Décor

In a modern décor, having a creation like mud cloth, enhances the beauty of the room by leaps and bounds and is undoubtedly among the most popular due to its size and exclusivity. African items such as a mud cloth is quickly growing in popularity. Made from locally found materials, these environmentally friendly products are normally hand stitched from 100% cotton. The patterns and the drawings are so unique to the place and can also beautifully adorn walls. The uniqueness of these items along with the fact that African fashion is something which has just started to catch on makes this amazing art form stand out.


Courtesy of University of St. Thomas: Interprofessional Center

Courtesy of University of St. Thomas: Interprofessional Center


African mask is another product that you can display in any room. Many African masks were used by traditional dancers to go into a trance and communicate with the spirits. It will give your  room an air of mystery and an element of surprise to your guests.


Courtesy of University of St. Thomas: Interprofessional Center

Courtesy of University of St. Thomas: Interprofessional Center


There are many sites that offer African art, handcrafted sculptures and more, in your search make sure you find an item that is unique and authentic.



African Jewelry For Any Occasion

With African fashion becoming so popular worldwide,  African jewelry is another option to consider when shopping for gifts this holiday season. Handcrafted jewelry is common in Africa and now women everywhere are seen wearing colorful handmade accessories . Since African fashion is the latest trend, African accessories are considered to be the right choice as a gift. These items can be given for any occasion or festive reason. They are definitely attractive with a magnificent finishing. Women can boost their physical appearance by wearing the right piece of jewelry and will look stunningly gorgeous on any given day.


clutch purse    African Pendant Necklace

You can buy a wide range of products that include handcrafted bracelets, ceramic bead necklaces, earrings and more. This jewelry can be found in a great variety, which also has a reflection of the indigenous culture. The jewelry made in Africa is made up from local material such as raffia (leaves), coconut shell, aluminum, beads, recycled paper and much more, which are all fabricated manually by women crafters. Adorn your spouse or friend with authentic African jewelry today.

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