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Africa is where historians and scientists believe, mankind originated.

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It’s A New Year! Dramatize Your Space with African Décor

If you are looking for ways to dramatize or simply add culture to your home or office, there is no better way to do it than by making use of African Art. African art is richly textured, brightly colored, intricately designed pieces with a deep sense of African history and craftsmanship which has  a strong impact on any room they are placed in. Africa is known for its natural surroundings. So it’s little wonder why many African décor pieces are shaped in the likeness of animals found in the African continent. Whether you buy figures and figurines they will come decorated with animals like lions, tigers, leopards, elephants, giraffes etc.


African Art and Crafts


No matter what piece of African décor you buy, you are sure to find great examples of African craftsmanship in it. African Crafts are internationally renowned for being vibrant and a full representation of cultural expression. All African Crafts are hand crafted and hand painted. Wood and metal is carved by hand as well and the ingenuity of the design and the process is evident in each and every piece. Whether you buy a large piece of African furniture or a small figurine, you will see brilliant examples of work that have been created with attention to every tiny detail.

Cool African Inspired Nursery



African Toys and Games

If you are looking for a gift for your child, consider shopping for African crafts. It’s a great way to educate your little one of African culture and the history. It is important to engage your child with different cultures. An example of one is a handmade fabric doll. It usually comes in medium size and speaks a lot about African women and their culture. These dolls are usually made from cloth and sometimes are made from recycled material.

  Red, Green and Blue Cloth Handcrafted Doll

Even games for that matter is a great gift idea and it’s a way to get your kids attention. Oware also known as Mancala is an African traditional game you can consider buying. This game has been recognized to increase one’s mathematical thinking.



In case you wish to buy African crafts and other items to give as gifts, the internet has eliminated the need to make a physical visit, you can simply browse the internet and its right at your fingertips. When searching for cool gifts explore creatitvity and shop for elusive must haves for your family and friends online and support African crafters.




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