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Come Closer To The Art & Heart with African Drumming Lessons

Africa is long known for the musical tones and beats of the Djembe and other traditional drums. Djembe drums in particular has became more and more popular in the United States and other nations due to its unique style and ability to provide an immaculate level of fun without any prior skills of music. Keep in mind drumming is energizing for some and relaxing for others….So watch out!!! One hand slap on any drum will get you energized and ready for more!!




African drumming is ideal for learning and enjoyed by many people of any age, abilities or background. As a fun-filled activity, African drumming is considered one of the best therapeutic ways to improve body coordination and musical skills. When it comes to professionalism, African drumming lessons demand an enhanced level of concentration on different beats and drumming techniques.




At present, drumming is known as the most effective way to express creativity whilst gaining self-confidence, relaxation, and an internal feel-good experience. So put your hands on African drums to bring a smile of happiness on your face! Come on what are you waiting for?




Talking Drum, Northern  - Beat

Talking Drum








Drumming : Ultimate Source to Bring Communities Together


Creating music as a group encourages bonding within the group and makes people much more appreciative of their peers. Drumming creates a feeling of belonging and togetherness within a group. There is nothing better than enjoying the rhythm of African drum beats to have a feel of positivity, well-being and community spirit.


Individual lessons are always considered ideal for the ones who want to practice this unique form of music professionally. For those who are looking for drumming as a group workshop, it is the best thing one can ever ask for. Drumming workshops in a group helps to bring people from different communities together for sharing the path to joy and healing.





Drum lessons Minneapolis

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Learn African Drumming for Fun, Relaxation and Positivity


Our workshops meet the specific demands of any person and/or groups. Moreover, drumming is also great for enjoying and evolving the spirit of team building, leadership, problem solving and others. Either small or large groups, there are tons of African drumming activities to let people enjoy the traditional style of music from Africa. Sign up for our African drum lesson workshops to get the best of traditionally rich African music for fun, self-confidence, and joyful healing!


We encourage schools, businesses and local organizations to join in on the fun and explore your creative side. It’s more than lessons it’s exploring a different culture. African rhythms are heard all over and sampled by many. Find your rhythm in a peaceful fun environment.


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